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As you are different and diverse, so should your ceremony be in reflecting your dreams and wishes.

If creating a vision, a theme, or displaying a cultural tradition, then I can help you bring this in to fruition by weaving words and rituals to symbolise your love and union or to celebrate your occasion.

Love Lock Ceremony

Love locks is an ancient custom, symbolising one's love for another. The Love locks symbolise love that is solid, secure, safe and protected. As your hearts are now joined together in love, so are they locked forever.

Family Tree

The tree is symbolic of a Family Tree, the couple lock at the base the foundation of this family and with children to attach in the branches as this family grows, forming an enduring relationship...

Releasing of Balloons

...the keys are then released with the balloons, or cast into the river.

Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony- The father and mother of the bride and groom each hold and light the taper candles. The bride and groom then take the tapers and light the pillar candle, signifying the union of families.

Candle Lighting Ceremony- The light and warmth from the candle symbolises the warmth of your love or a bond between you and the one you love. Re igniting the candle each year expressing as the candle grows shorter the love grows stronger.

Sand Ceremony

Like colours of the rainbow we are all different and special, valuable and precious.

The containers and colours of sand are representing you and the family in a love ceremony, and in uniting families. If having a beach ceremony using sand and shells are memories of the special event.

I have a list of the meanings of the colours, to assist you in your choice.

Rose Ceremony

The couple give each other a rose, a single rose meaning “I love you”.

“I take this rose, a symbol of your love, and I place it into water, a symbol of life.

As this rose cannot survive without water, I cannot survive without you".

Colour of the roses have symbolic meaning.


Handfasting / Handbinding Ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition symbolising the joining of two people in marriage, or in a partnership. There are many versions of this gesture illustrating the union of husband and wife and is the origin of the phrase "tying the knot”.

Wine Ceremony

The years of life are as a cup of wine poured out for you to drink.

When mixed this “Cup of Life” contains within it a wine with certain properties that are sweet and symbolic of happiness, joy and peace.

This same wine holds the bitter properties that are symbolic of disappointment, sorrow and grief.

Together the sweet and bitter represent “Lifes Journey” together.

Bread and Wine Ceremony

The bread and salt are symbolic that your home may enjoy abundance.

The mothers break the bread and sprinkle the salt while the fathers pour the wine....

Jumping over the Broom

Symbolising jumping the threshold, making a commitment to each other and crossing the threshold to begin a new life together.


In the finger printing ceremony we are recognising the relationship of the imprinting that is made with baby and parents. It is a symbol for all to see the bond and commitment to each other for eternity.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Symbolic tree planting ceremonies are an age-old ritual, spanning many countries and numerous cultures.

Putting a healthy, young tree in the ground is a symbol of celebration: representing life, hope, growth and continuity.

Pagan Ceremony

I can add spiritual elements to the ceremony respecting cultural traditions of all belief systems.

It would be an honour for me to help you design and celebrate your sacred rites of passage in the most beautiful way possible and I sincerely look forward to working with you to make the day a memorable one.