Commitment Ceremony

(Including Gay Commitment)

This can be similar to a wedding ceremony but without the Monitum (legal requirements of the Marriage Act) for Gay Couples and Couples unable to be solemnised by the law. As a member of the Gay Community, I am well aware of the need to feel equal and have the right to participate in a ceremony to display your love and commitment to your partner. You can choose from my examples in the Wedding or Pagan Ceremonies or I can assist you in preparing your own special ceremony.

What I can offer

  • A relaxed, free no obligation interview to discuss your ceremony requirements
  • Complete choice of ceremony content
  • Unlimited consultation, both by phone or email, a second appointment if necessary
  • Draft copies of ceremonies and verses so that you can continue to modify up to 14 days prior to the ceremony.
  • Arrival at least 30 mins prior to scheduled starting time
  • Professional and meaningful presentation of ceremony
  • Keepsake copy of the ceremony and music


For the services I provide for a Commitment Ceremony you should expect the fee to be $450-$650 for my time, investment and skill resulting in a truly professional ceremony.