Namegiving Ceremony

In a Namegiving Ceremony, Parents, Godparents and Guardians acknowledge their responsibility and pledge their important role in the child’s future development

Together we can create a personal and meaningful ceremony that may include family traditions or can incorporate various symbols such as sprinkling of magic dust, scattering of flower petals, planting a tree. You may wish to include a candle-lighting segment to signify guidance, protection and a blessing of the child’s journey through life. Or a Unity Sand Ceremony when blending families, giving the child a role within the ceremony and highlighting his or her importance within the family unit. Like colours of the rainbow we are all different.

What I can Offer

Choice of Ceremony

  • Padlock
  • Fingerprinting
  • Candle Ceremony
  • Wish Box / Bag
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Rose Petal
  • Tree Planting
  • Other

  • A relaxed, no obligation interview to discuss your ceremony requirements
  • First appointment free
  • Presentation of Certificates as part of the ceremony, formally presented at the conclusion of the ceremony to the Parents, on behalf of the child
  • Other certificates for Godparents and Guardians or other special people can be organised for an additional fee
  • Unlimited consultation, both by phone or email, a second appointment if necessary
  • Arrival at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled starting time
  • Professional and meaningful presentaion of ceremony
  • Keepsake copy of the ceremony and music
  • A top range wireless PA system and a table, lace tablecloth and a chair provided


For my time, investment and skill resulting in a truly professional Namegiving Ceremony you should expect to pay $450.